Technology has changed so much in the past decade, and I was determined to not fall into it. I am constantly challenging myself to learn to adjust with the new:  Everything from MacBooks, Iphones, all sorts of Social Media, and all parts of the intraweb. I recently read an article posted by the Business Insider about Taylor Swift in the The Wall Street Journal (Yeah! TAYLOR SWIFT.) that made me feel more confident about giving this online world a chance. Everyone can take something different from this article, because my findings has nothing to do with the music/entertainment industry. It made me feel better about my recent career in blogging, designing, public relations work, and other things associated with social media. I shouldn’t feel ashamed that I followed the modern age because I’ll always stay true to myself by holding onto my ballpoint pen and notepad when an idea comes to mind (instead of drafting it out on Photoshop or pulling out Notes on my phone). Time has changed, so I should accept it. Why not embrace it, use it magnify my creativity, and reach out to more people. And yes, I wrote the ideas to this blurb down before I typed it up haha!

Link to the article:

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