I rarely have the chance to spend time with my friends, especially one of my best friends Sally, because I work so much. So when given a chance, I’ll be there. So I got off of work early and called Sal to see what she was up to. There was a get together at Huy’s but she told me everyone passed out. She demanded that I still went over there. I went to my fridge and grabbed my precious bottle of KetelOne, jumped in my comfortable onesie, buckled up Maggie and Buster, and headed over. OF COURSE EVERYONE WOULD BE AWAKE WHEN I OPENED THE FRONT DOOR. Everyone pulled out their camera’s; oh let the Instagraming begin. (Pictures from different instagrams and cameras, oh boy) I have no shame. Life is all about living, only mines is always a fun adventure.





So here’s another story [within a story]. I spent the night, passed out on the floor next to Sally. Hence the picture above. Anyways, I woke up and decided to take all of our dogs out for a walk. Yes, onesie and all. Again, no shame. Well before I stepped out of the house, everyone warned me that Chewy was a runner. I brushed it off and figured he wouldn’t run off if he’s in a pack with the other four dogs. WRONG. Right as soon as I opened the door he darted. Here I am with four dogs, in a hot pink onesie, hungover, and running after Chewy. Then the magic happens. A man with a vacuum cleaner helps me catch Chewy. I stood there confused. Wait, did that just happen? I thought I was still inebriated. I ran over and thanked the stranger as we looked at each other really oddly for a minute. I wasn’t sure either, what was more awkward: a girl in a pink onesie walking 5 dogs or a man with a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the street. We both walked away from each other, confused, but thankful that Chewy was safe. As I walked the four dogs and Chewy in my arms I came across a grocery cart and Chewy was in for a ride.






20130306-084016.jpgWe all made it back inside. I took a shot of whiskey because I was still confused over the vacuum and proceeded to pass out again.

20130306-084237.jpg20130306-084249.jpgSee, memories like this don’t happen to the everyday Joe. I’m glad to be blessed with moments that I can laugh about with my friends and family. I really do cherish every moment in life and try to live each day happily. Until next time <3<3



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