The Secret to Happiness

Prior to my birthday all my Apple devices coincidentally got hacked and locked, but at least I got back into my phone without wiping it out. I probably jinxed it when I said I wanted to let 30 sink in before posting Birthday pictures 😂

On a somewhat serious note since this is just a blog post after all 😝– I took a leap of faith this year and stepped outside my comfort zone to embark on a journey of self discovery. A lesson I take from the solidarity is to create a life of gratitude and accepting where I am in life by making the most out of every day. This solemn week in Houston made for a bittersweet conclusion; sorrows and wounds are healed by the touch of compassion. I am grateful for every second of every day that I get to spend time with people I love and to live the life I love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to my family and friends for never giving up on me! 30 doesn’t feel so bad after all.

Thank you for reading 💗, ter

Joy – Enjoy the little things

I was at Prince of Peace this past weekend and the homily spoke of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control.

Father Keller asked if we ever asked God for any of these. The entire crowd paused and reflected — questioning God. He interrupted to tell us that we all ALWAYS have each Fruit of the Holy Spirit in us, but we need to remind our selves to bring it out. He kindly asked us to participate in a simple exercise where we write down the Fruit that we are seeking most on a post-it note and to simply place it where we would routinely see it. These characteristics have always been in us but we go through things in life that make us feel ejected from them.
I was going through a sense of loneliness, scared of speaking of my depression and anxiety with my loved ones. I made a decision to explore the world this year and rediscover myself. Without pain, how could we know joy?
Thank you Father Keller for reminding me of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. I wrote the words “Joy” on several post-it notes that night and placed them all around the house. It reminded me to smile and love the life I live: Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. 
Thanks for reading, I hope you rediscover a Fruit of the Holy Spirit that had always been hiding in you. I am forever grateful for the simple reminder that my joyous spirit never left me.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.


The terrifying innate fear of figuring out self purpose soon incorporated itself into my life-long battle with anxiety – only to leave me feeling more helpless, hopeless and powerless. I distracted myself by focusing on the things I had to do and got so caught up trying to exceed expectations to improve myself – later realizing; who was I really trying to win over? 

It wasn’t until I started focusing on setting my own expectations that I realized: who were important, what were my priorities, and why it mattered. If you don’t love why you’re doing things or can’t explain why it’s important to you — then it’s not worth doing is it? It starts with finding reasons for what’s important and meaningful rather than investing time with what I felt I should be doing. What mattered was the choice I made for myself – to be a great daughter, sister, auntie, significant other, or mentor at work. It all started with why. We we’re all born to live not to merely exist.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Have a great day <3, ter.

If I ever let my head down, it will only be to admire my shoes.

I remember running around the house pretending to be a princess from teddy-land, sprinkling my glitter on all my bears so they can be happy and protect me from my big bad brother. My Dad routinely told me that I’m beautiful and my smile made him smile. He protected me from harm and focused on loving life, but at one point it wasn’t enough to combat the negativity from others. I was too fat or too skinny. My hair, outfit, makeup, was judged and depicted to every last drop. I was never enough. Emotionally, I’ve let a relationship drain me by giving him power to steal my inner peace. I’ve felt alone and broken. I didn’t smile enough, constant anxiety, and spiraled downwards. I thought I hid my emotions well, but people saw it in my eyes. My smile didn’t give Dad good spirits, instead concern. I stressed in proving myself to others that I lost myself by letting their opinions dictate my life.

The moment you decide to be yourself, your inner beauty will resonate. Instead of focusing on imperfections; focus on the bigger picture – experiencing life! I started to pick off every negative aspect that covered up who I once knew because I missed the girl who saw possibilities everywhere, that appreciated happiness when she gave to others, who never set limits and never gave up. Thanks to life awakening experiences and encouragement from a handful of people, I adjusted my sails. I replaced negative thoughts with positive ones, let go to toxic people, and restored my focus on inspiring others. Life is good and better than ever – because I have the power to make it so.

To my lovely ladies: ignore anyone who tries to define you or give limitations in your life. Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities. You’re beautiful so practice to love yourself more, and dream big through positivity. I’m here to inspire you, one red heel at a time 💗 By the way, I want to mention that I whole heartedly enjoy responding to email messages from you all in Asia. It warms my heart to know that I can encourage and inspire someone across the world from me, and for that I thank you. You give my life a meaning 🙂

Love, Ter

Happy National Dog Day

Buster patiently waiting and watching over Maggie. Their love is unconditional, near or far. <3<3

Maggie & Buster were proudly adopted from the Nevada SPCA in April 2009 at 3 years of age. Maggie is a sassy Bichon Frise that loves eat. Buster is a cuddly Cairn Terrier mix that loves to be held like a baby. I was told that their previous owner was abusive. I met Buster first and the SPCA said that they both are very close and inseparable. I was living more than a thousand miles away from my family and in a miraculous way, I feel like we ‘rescued’ each other. Dealing with the inevitable fight with anxiety & depression, Maggie and Buster were able to comfort me on both good & bad days (this shows loyalty, love, and patience…practices that some humans don’t even embrace)
nevadaspca (left: Their “mugshot” from the NSPCA.)

I was laying in bed with MaggieBear admiring pictures of everyone’s doggie friends and reading more about NDD. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears after thinking about the last moments with Buster: There I sat, 2am in the garage. “I’m sorry we have to say goodbye. Me & Maggie love you so, so much” –repeatedly. Tears fell as he stayed wrapped in my arms (and again he shows me loyalty, patience, and love). I never prepared myself to say goodbye. (below: The last picture I have of them together. I was heartbroken when I caught them patiently watching me. If only all humans have the same loyal, pure, loving hearts.)

With the power of prayer, I gained strength to agree on their separation and moved towards a positive path in life. It was far from easy but I knew it was for the best. After a few months, Magz has adjusted and is healthy…but the B(uster)-word is never said around her (scared she will go look for him).
A few of my favorite pictures:

Not a day goes by where I didn’t wish for him to be here with us, but Me & MaggieBear will both carry Buster in our hearts always & forever *Ohana*. We pray that God watches over you each and every day. I couldn’t fathom life without experiencing the joy and love I received from both. They may be ‘just dogs’ to you, but they mean the world to me. Thank you Maggie & Buster for inspiring your Mommy. I truly appreciate and love you both so much, Happy National Dog Day my darlings 💕💕 (You better believe they are smart enough to read 😛)

Cheers to all the other doggie lovers<3 -ter

Links to check out:
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The Magical Onesie

I rarely have the chance to spend time with my friends, especially one of my best friends Sally, because I work so much. So when given a chance, I’ll be there. So I got off of work early and called Sal to see what she was up to. There was a get together at Huy’s but she told me everyone passed out. She demanded that I still went over there. I went to my fridge and grabbed my precious bottle of KetelOne, jumped in my comfortable onesie, buckled up Maggie and Buster, and headed over. OF COURSE EVERYONE WOULD BE AWAKE WHEN I OPENED THE FRONT DOOR. Everyone pulled out their camera’s; oh let the Instagraming begin. (Pictures from different instagrams and cameras, oh boy) I have no shame. Life is all about living, only mines is always a fun adventure.





So here’s another story [within a story]. I spent the night, passed out on the floor next to Sally. Hence the picture above. Anyways, I woke up and decided to take all of our dogs out for a walk. Yes, onesie and all. Again, no shame. Well before I stepped out of the house, everyone warned me that Chewy was a runner. I brushed it off and figured he wouldn’t run off if he’s in a pack with the other four dogs. WRONG. Right as soon as I opened the door he darted. Here I am with four dogs, in a hot pink onesie, hungover, and running after Chewy. Then the magic happens. A man with a vacuum cleaner helps me catch Chewy. I stood there confused. Wait, did that just happen? I thought I was still inebriated. I ran over and thanked the stranger as we looked at each other really oddly for a minute. I wasn’t sure either, what was more awkward: a girl in a pink onesie walking 5 dogs or a man with a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the street. We both walked away from each other, confused, but thankful that Chewy was safe. As I walked the four dogs and Chewy in my arms I came across a grocery cart and Chewy was in for a ride.






20130306-084016.jpgWe all made it back inside. I took a shot of whiskey because I was still confused over the vacuum and proceeded to pass out again.

20130306-084237.jpg20130306-084249.jpgSee, memories like this don’t happen to the everyday Joe. I’m glad to be blessed with moments that I can laugh about with my friends and family. I really do cherish every moment in life and try to live each day happily. Until next time <3<3



Christmas isn’t over yet!

I had an early morning flight. I was so exhausted from the night before because I was up doing a little bit of work. I didn’t really mind, since I got to spend the entire day with my family. I knew it was a bad idea to get my usual, quad espresso over ice no sugar. I’m addicted to coffee, sigh. I was wide awake on the plane ride, but I’m glad I was able to stare out the window. It was such a beautiful morning.




When I finally landed, I was eager to walk to my car. Only because I parked it on the very top floor of the airport’s parking garage and it had snowed in Dallas the other day. Yeah, it snowed! While Houston was bright and sunny. I walked in a sludge of snow and messed up my purple Toms, blah.




Anyways, I was driving on the highway and saw a Macy’s on this side of town. I remembered I wanted to get Tammy a toaster oven. The other night when I went over to her place, she cooked a teeny tiny Red Baron pizza in her big kitchen oven. I noticed that she didn’t have a toaster oven on her counter. After that I was starving. I was hoping I’d spot a Sweet Tomatoes or Souper Salad. I felt like God decided to shine a light on the Golden Corral down the road. I stopped in to devour their salad bar. The restaurant was filled with kids running around, grumpy senior citizens, and oversized Americans stuffing their faces with comfort food. I was about to walk back out but I was greeted by a friendly waiter and decided to stay and give it a chance. Besides, who could turn down a $6 buffet? I noticed how hectic and loud the restaurant was. I also noticed how patient and caring the waiter was. He always had a smile on his face. I was a little upset that I only had a ten dollar bill. Tis’ the season, I wish I was able to leave more. He seemed so appreciative, as he flagged me down to thank me when I was walking to my car.

Of course I wouldn’t let my day go to waste. I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. The cashier gave me my total and I handed her the gift card that Anita and Kevin gave to me. Thank you so much guys, you really shouldn’t have. I teared up in the middle of the store, but its okay we’re all hippies anyways haha! Then, I stopped by World Market to see if I can find any goodies. I have a blank wall in my new home and I think it’s the perfect canvas for me. I live up to the hippie name (I got it from my Dad). I can’t wait to be able to fill the wall up some more. I got this done in about an hour. Before and after:


I visited Tammy at work and tried to surprise her with the toaster oven I shopped for earlier. I love this little lady.


I ran into some friends and family last night. I invited them over after our night out. I watched them get crazy and they watched me run, slip, and fall in the middle of my building hallway. My side still hurts…really, really bad. Haha! Oh and I’m pretty happy about the marker board and chalkboard I put on my walls. I can’t wait to see what creative drawings and writings everyone will do.










So here is some really random good news. As I was writing this blog, I got an email from the electric company. I am in so much shock. I went from paying well over $100 to $200 at my old place … And now less than $30? I am so thankful I decided to move. I still can’t believe it.

I saved the best for last. I got the best news when I woke up this morning! Baby Ethan is finally here <;;3<;;3 My sister gave birth to a healthy 9lbs 12oz baby boy! I'm an auntie Yays! What a big baby we have now, haha. He's going to grow bigger than me. Good, he can be our future body guard.

Things have been going so well for me lately. Stay humble and keep your faith strong. Cheers to a happier and healthier lifestyle <;;3

Happy Engagement to a Beautiful Couple

I am overjoyed by the news that two of my favorite people are now engaged. I was more than happy to put together a celebration in lieu of the wonderful couple. Despite my busy work schedule and taking on a winter class, I set everything aside to ensure that this night was memorable, full of love and laughter. I wanted it perfect for two of the most inspiring people in my life.

Anita and Kevin, thank you for letting me be apart of all of this. I wish you two all the best!

So what’s a blog without pictures, right? Ill start with the behind-the-scenes. Late night trips to the grocery store, staying up all night to be crafty, waiting in long lines (due to the holiday shoppers!), weaving in and out of traffic to pick up the pretty cupcakes, frantically trying to put together the whole dining table and dessert bar, and making sure everything was in the right spot. It was all worth it when I saw Anita make her grand entrance; her eyes lit up, and her smiled glowed throughout the room.

















Cheers to a lovely couple! Again, congrats Anita and Kevin. I love you guys.





P.S. Check that beauty of a rock out 😉