OOTD 06102013

I visited a cosplay store a few weeks ago because I wanted to find cute bows and inspiration to make my own. They had a few clothing items from Asia so I had to look through it 🙂

I came across this simple sweatshirt. I was never a fan of full polka dotted prints but this had the perfect amount. I actually know two people who have a fear of polka dots; otherwise known as trypophobia. I was horrified of posting this blog (ootd), in fear of my two friends cringing as they scrolled down their phones. Sorry guys, haha!

I had an early morning flight I needed to catch. I decided to pack this sweatshirt and cut off corduroy shorts in my travel bag. I changed in the airport bathroom, teased my hair with a plastic fork from Starbucks, and refreshed my makeup by throwing on my thrifted aviators.




Top:Cosplay N Charm
Shorts:Free People
Shoes:Jeffrey Campbell

I’m crazy for wearing a sweatshirt in the scorching Texas heat, but crazy is fun and I like that. Have a nice day ❤


OOTD 04212013

Another beautiful Spring day. It’s breezy and feels great out. Today I’m wearing a Free People blouse that I bought in a large so I could wear as a dress. I tend to wear loose fitting clothes because it’s more comfortable and I could mix it up easier. I love the detail and colors of this top. It’s fun and spunky 🙂

I paired it with sailor inspired heels by Jessica Simpson that I purchased awhile back from Macy’s.

My makeup was kept simple; I used my favorite Chanel pencil eyeliner and Mac Cremecup lipstick.


Top:Free People
Shoes:Jessica Simpson
Eyeliner:Le Crayon Khôl by Chanel
Lipstick:Crème Cup by MAC

I have a weird sense of style, but thanks for reading anyways. Off to the airport I go. Have a nice day ❤

Daily Ramblings 05252013

This is just another personal blog post for myself.

I try to live my life in a very positive way and take each day diligently. I preach positivity and boast on happiness. Sometimes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I have some days where my mind spins in circles and I just want it to stop. I deal with depression and anxiety everyday; I still haven’t learned to conquer it. No matter how hard I try. No, my life isn’t horrible. I am overly blessed with wonderful family and friends. I have an amazing job. In everyone’s eyes: I have it all. Do I really? Maybe I need to stop using that as an excuse. Is it just as bad if I am dealing with emotional struggles versus life/physical struggles? I tend to tell myself to remember everything that I am blessed with so I be humble and content about it. Is that just making things worst because I’m not dealing with my emotional pain and just pushing it aside? It’s an on going battle that I constantly fight day in and day out. There are nights where I still cry myself to sleep which turns into mornings where I have to push myself to get out of bed and start my day. This is why I love to write. My pursuit to happiness.


Have a good day ❤

Ter the toolman Taylor

The weather in uptown Dallas is pretty horrid right now. I felt my whole loft shake, hoping it was just some fat elephants passing through upstairs. Since I’m forbidden to leave my house, I guess it’s a good time to fix some things around here. A few weeks ago I dog sat a cute little cavalier. His name is Knuckles:


Cute right? Those sweet little brown eyes. So I left the house that night to have dinner with some friends down the street. I came home to find this:



And had to do this:


Not only did the brat pull on my table cloth, but he knocked over the vase that I had on the table. Which knocked over the tall plant next to it. Which created a domino effect. Which resulted in the big plant tipping over and knocking down my wall shelf. Oh he’s a Knuckle(s)head alright.

I couldn’t get mad at the little guy. Look at him. All innocent and shy. It’s not that he broke my favorite cupcake jar or anything…

Anyways, I finally had some down time today. A few weeks later but I got to put a shelf up and fix my office/dining room a little bit more. Sweet, time to hit up some thrift and consignment shops tomorrow for decor. Here’s a video for your entertainment haha:

Have a nice day ❤

Cyclops to the Rescue

Another early morning flight and I got stuck sitting in the emergency exit row. The airplane attendant made the six of us pull out the visual aid and follow along with him. Today I learned:




1. A tampon = knife
2. Cyclops will come to the rescue
3. My lanky ass shouldn’t be sitting here, especially next to the emergency exit door.

Have a nice day ❤

My Mom is my inspiration

It’s raining and hailing here in Dallas, Texas. It’s 6am and I’m up. I want to call my Mom to talk, but she’s sleeping. I’m just having a rough day and it makes me miss her even more. I just thought I should blog about it. This is a very stressful month for me. My classes are coming to an end and tax season is almost over. I can’t wait to put everything behind and go visit my Mom. I just need her comfort and love right now more than anything.


Silly picture. This was us last week while we were laying in bed gossiping about our lives to each other. Moments like this I cherish forever. She’s my heart and soul. I’m so lucky. I love you Mom.

Have a nice day ❤

OOTD 03292013

I am wearing one of my favorite tees of all time. The message is so powerful and makes me love myself more as a woman. From someone who has dealt with self esteem and image issues (hey, what real woman doesn’t?), the tee gives a reminder to me and other women that we should be confident in our own skin. That’s sexy. Have a nice day ❤


Shirt: Dimepiece
Skirt: Forever21

OOTD 03282013

Another pretty and cool day in Dallas. I’m wearing a long silky military inspired dress that I got from Urban Outfitters. Since it was a little misty outside, I paired it with a pair of combat wedges so I wouldn’t get the dress wet. Have a nice day ❤


Dress: bycorpus
Shoes: deena & ozzy

Banana Pancakes

I tapped on my Instagram app and came across a breakfast post from my friend Baxa:

Seriously? My mouth watered as I hugged my growling stomach. I tried to close my eyes and fall back asleep but the waffles haunted me. I really do hate when people post such savory, sweet, luscious, delectable food pictures. I walked shamelessly to my fridge and decided to make banana pancakes to eat. Here is a recipe for guilt free, low calorie, high protein pancakes you can substitute for sweet, sugary breakfast foods.

You will need:

1 banana
2 eggs

Yep, that’s it! Chop the bananas and crack two eggs in a bowl. Whisk/mash well until it gets frothy.




I’m using a nonstick griddle because I don’t like to use oil or sprays. I have mine set to 300°f (medium heat if you’re using a skillet). Pour the mixture to the size of pancake you want. I let it sit for 2-3 minutes before I flipped it. Yeah, yeah they aren’t perfect circles but it will do 🙂


This is a healthier alternative to any flour based pancake. I wish I had strawberries in my fridge to top it off. Oh! Another great thing about these pancakes is that you can skip on the sugary syrups. The ripe bananas already give a natural sweetness 🙂 These are gluten free, a good source of protein, low calorie, and provide good carbs.


Have a nice day. Cheers to a happy and healthy lifestyle ❤


P.S. Happy early Easter. Count your blessings and stay humble about what life has offered you. Until next time, take care ❤