The weather in uptown Dallas is pretty horrid right now. I felt my whole loft shake, hoping it was just some fat elephants passing through upstairs. Since I’m forbidden to leave my house, I guess it’s a good time to fix some things around here. A few weeks ago I dog sat a cute little cavalier. His name is Knuckles:


Cute right? Those sweet little brown eyes. So I left the house that night to have dinner with some friends down the street. I came home to find this:



And had to do this:


Not only did the brat pull on my table cloth, but he knocked over the vase that I had on the table. Which knocked over the tall plant next to it. Which created a domino effect. Which resulted in the big plant tipping over and knocking down my wall shelf. Oh he’s a Knuckle(s)head alright.

I couldn’t get mad at the little guy. Look at him. All innocent and shy. It’s not that he broke my favorite cupcake jar or anything…

Anyways, I finally had some down time today. A few weeks later but I got to put a shelf up and fix my office/dining room a little bit more. Sweet, time to hit up some thrift and consignment shops tomorrow for decor. Here’s a video for your entertainment haha:

Have a nice day ❤

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