Spinach and Turkey Spaghetti

Let’s talk a little spinach. Spinach is one of my favorite foods! Not only is it low in calories, but it has so many nutrients. It is good for your heart and cardiovascular health. I love that spinach fights against aging; I want to look and feel young for as long as I can. Spinach also helps regulate blood pressure levels and fights against cholesterol.

So this will be one of many spaghetti recipes that I will blog. Why? Spaghetti is so well-rounded and universal that there are endless possibilities! This one will feature Spinach and turkey. Remember, as with all my recipes, you can modify it however you like. This is how I personally like to portion it 🙂

You will need: 1/2 pound of lean ground turkey
3 handfuls of spinach
1 bottle of pasta sauce (even better if its homemade!)
4 celery sticks
4 cloves of garlic
half a carrot
half a red onion
3-4 squares of cheese (I used a vegan kind)
1/4 cup of green onions diced
pepper, garlic powder, chili flakes, and Splenda (yes, ill explain later.)
1/4 package of spaghetti pasta (I used organic wheat)
*obviously I skipped the salt and oil!

You can use any types of lean ground meat. I personally liked the ground turkey at the market because it looked the freshest. I also buy a lot of organic meats, fruits, and veggies. It is a personal choice and does cost more. You can always buy what you feel is the freshest that day. Here is a visual of what I used:
spaghetti1spaghetti2To prepare the ground turkey, I like to add black pepper, garlic powder, chili flakes, and a splash of vegetable broth. I massage it into the meat, cover, and put it in the fridge for about an hour.

After the meat is seasoned and ready, get your pan out and add a dash of vegetable broth. Add all the yummy garlic! Then cook the turkey until its nice and brown. My trick to moist turkey/chicken is vegetable (or chicken) broth. Add a little every now and then if you feel that the meat is drying up (turkey and chicken tends to do that).

Transfer the cooked meat into a bowl and set aside.

I like to break my spaghetti noodles in half, so that it fits in my pot better. Follow the instructions on the package and cook your noodles. I didn’t use any salt or oil.

While the noodles are cooking, dice the celery, onions, and julienne the carrots. Instead of using oil in my pan, I put a dash of vegetable broth. Throw in the red onions and let it cook for a minute or two.

Then pour in the sauce and be careful not to splash it everywhere.

Let the sauce heat for a few minutes and do a quick stir. Toss in all the veggies and cover on low to medium heat. I also added a few pinches of black pepper and garlic powder.

Give it a few gentle stirs and let it cook for a few minutes. Add the cooked ground turkey from earlier and give it another stir. Cover the pot and let the medley simmer for a few minutes.

Next, I added four cheese squares and let it melt. I like adding cheese to thicken the sauce! One of my little secrets and I also sprinkle a little bit of Splenda to sweeten up the tangy sauce. Watch the cheese melt:

Once the cheese is melted and the sauce taste to your liking, add the spaghetti noodle. I like my noodles al dente! The particular brand I used only took 9 minutes to achieve that perfect texture.

Stir and serve. This batch served 6 servings!


This recipe was quick and easy. You won’t even notice all the nutritional veggies that were loaded in there. There’s always ways to eat good and healthy.

Cheers to a happier and healthier lifestyle <;3<;3

Peppered Beef Stir “fry”

I was never a fan of red meat, but I like to eat it every now and then. The media has scared so many of us from it. Red meat isn’t bad for you if you choose the right cuts and eat in moderation. In this healthy recipe I chose top round steak. It’s lean and tough, so I asked the butcher to slice it thin for me. Remember not to overcook round steak because I think it’s better rare/medium rare.

You will need:
1/2 a pound of lean beef (I used top round steak)
3-4 bell peppers (I chose red, yellow, and green)
1 red onion
half of a lemon
a few cloves of garlic
a teaspoon of vegetable broth (I always skip the oil)
fresh ground black pepper
any other seasonings you’d like to flavor your beef with (I always skip the salt

So here’s the thinly sliced round steak:

photo 2 I transferred it to a big bowl with a few cloves of garlic (I LOVE GARLIC hehe), juice from half of a lemon and added lot’s of black pepper. I covered it and let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour.

Meanwhile, I cut all the bell peppers and red onions. I added a few leaves of cilantro. I absolutely love the bright colors of all the peppers and onions combined

Instead of oil (hence the “fry”) I used a dash of vegetable broth to coat my wok and added more garlic. Leave it on high for about a minute. You’ll be able to smell that garlic 🙂

photo 1(1)

Throw in the beef and watch it sizzle 🙂

You want the beef to be nice and rare like this:

photo 4(1)Transfer all the beef to a bowl.

Now it’s time to stir “fry” the veggies until they are nice and tender:

photo 2(2)Add the beef from before. Combine and stir for a quick minute or two:

photo 4Pair it with some brown rice (even better if you skip the rice and make lettuce wraps!)

photo 3(1)See, so you can still have “red” meat and not feel guilty about it 🙂

Cheers to a happier and healthier lifestyle <3<3


Healthier Bibimbap


I wanted to make an even healthier version of (the already healthy) Korean style dish, bibimbap. I used brown rice because it is high in fiber. I threw in pieces of dried seaweed and cucumbers. Seaweed is very mineral rich, some of which includes calcium, copper, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. The cucumbers balances the meal with a cool touch since it’s mostly made up of water. The best part, of course, is the sunny side up egg that I cooked on a non-stick pan. Eggs are high in protein and having the yolk occasionally is fine. This dish is a mere 200-250 calories and tasted great without all the added fats and sauces!

Vegan Pizza Sandwiches

My vegan pizza sandwiches are simple and easy to make. I personally like to use Rudi’s whole wheat bread with veggie “pepperoni” protein slices, and mozzarella flavored Veggie Slices. Add fresh garlic, basil, and oregano (or any fresh herbs you have on hand!). Voilà! A healthier alternative to calorie infested, fat-filled pizza. Pair it with an arugula salad with strawberries to balance the meal out with a touch of sweetness.