Sometimes, it’s good to reward yourself for doing so much work and helping others. I’m ok with that.

I’m still on “vacation” in Houston for Christmas. It feels nice to spend a lot of time with Mom. It’s been awhile since we both went shopping together, so today we did just that. Anyways, I’ve been really indecisive over which laptop to get lately. The netbook I have at home is holding on by two screws and lags so bad, I pull my hair out waiting for things to load. I was a little turned off from a MacBook because of a recent visit to the Apple store at Northpark, Dallas. I’m fairly new to MacBooks and had a few questions I needed to ask. They didn’t really help and made me feel so belittled and uncomfortable. I walked out feeling helpless. My mind changed today as I was at the mall with Mom and we walked into the Apple store at Willowbrook, Houston. I wanted to give it a second chance since I had my heart set on a MacBook for the longest. I was greeted right away and was directed to a specialist, Erik Ledesma (whom I highly recommend you see!). He was so helpful and answered everything so patiently. I have worked in retail since I was 16 and I know great customer service when I see it. Even though Apple employees don’t make commission, he was truthful and honest about all his suggestions on what MacBook would suit me for my line of work. It comes to show, how important good customer service can be. Not only did he make a sale, but he made me feel good about my purchase. I am ever so grateful for my purchase and I can’t wait to learn more about it in the near future.




I’m so happy *saggggaaaa saaaaaa* I finally got the one I wanted; 13′ MacBook Pro with retina display. Wait, did I just get happy about something electronic?!


Besides the new purchase, I’m ending my Christmas with more family time. It makes me so happy to see my nieces and nephews all grown up. One of them started college and I’m still in disbelief that any of them could drive. Oh how time flies… I always try to tell them to be good and don’t grow up too fast. I would love to relive my childhood because it was some of the best days of my life. My heart melted as I saw one of my little nieces climb on a stool, onesie and all, to sit on the counter to eat. It was a wonderful evening well spent. I really cherish all these moments because I live and work far away. The weather was beautiful, the scenery from the house was wonderful, and the food we shared was perfect for this chilly weather:










Again, Happy holidays from my family to yours!


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