Rants of a Bartender. NYE2014 Edition

So this big guy comes to my bar last night and repeatedly accused me of having his card. He stood there blocking the crowd and stared at me, “You have my card, you have my card!” while I was tending to other patrons. I repeatedly said “I don’t have it. Please check your pocket. Your wallet. Maybe you started a tab at another bar.” It felt like an ongoing western movie gun fight but with words.

He figured repeating himself over and over would magically make his card appear. I looked at him dead in the eyes for a split second, all while pouring lines of shots. “I don’t have your card. I am very careful and have a system that I use. Please check another bar. Trust me!” It was to the point that a promoter noticed my legendary awkward eyebrows (oh, you know what I’m talking about.) from afar and offered to buy him a round so that he would chill out. You would think that now he would walk to the other bars to check, but no. Like most moronic men, he was stubborn and thought he could scare little ole me. It’s a NYE party, I am not going to leave my amazing bar guest (who all had a good laugh at this situation) to go on my knees and look for it. I’m sorry, I am not one of those sloppy drunk bartenders; I always have my shit together and do my best to make money for the team and most importantly I always try to ensure that everyone has a smile on their face and is having a good time (especially it being NYE). The promoter (thanks Pax) took it in his own hands to offer to go with the gentleman to the other bar.

Low and behold! He came back, card in hand, and looked at me. A little embarrassed, but it happens all the time so I wasn’t upset and just smiled and said, “See?” In my little world of rainbows and unicorns, I expected somewhat of an apology. Oh no, he just proceeded to order a round for his friends. Cool, whatever, not everyone is as considerate. So I made the drinks. He paid the $38 and left $1 tip. Hey, $1 is a $1 right? Wrong. I have too much self respect for myself to accept anything from an arrogant human being. I grabbed the dollar and handed it back to him and said, “I refuse to accept anything from any impertinent coward. Happy New Years and use it towards a cab. *smiles real big* and screamed NEXT!!” Asshole. I could have stooped down to his level of stupidity and spray Diet Coke in his face¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I handled it like a woman should.

A big, I mean BIG, fucking (sorry) cheers to all my industry friends for working hard this NYE 💗 Just remember that there are a lot of people who appreciate you all dearly.

Happy New Years to my family and friends 💗 thanks for a great start to 2014 😉 Now to make it through work this morning 😔😂

Have a nice day!


(Joe and Me last night)

OOTD 06132013

It’s a hot sunny day, so I decided to be a little daring and put on a crop top. I don’t usually feel comfortable baring so much skin but I had a little boost of confidence after being inspired by “30 Days of Awesome”. I stumbled across a hashtag from a beautiful friend (Thanks Meredith!) and felt so inspired to be even more positive this summer. Check out the site, www.30daysofawesome.com 🙂 “…the original goal of awesome was to do something new, adventure out of your comfort zone, and discover the awesome things around you.” Challenge yourself to do something awesome, I did! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

My outfit of the day: belly baring crop top, my favorite vegan leather shorts, and adventurously high booties.





Top: Free People
Shorts: Free People
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Cheers to Summer time; stay positive and encourage others to be happy. Have a nice day ❤

OOTD 04212013

Another beautiful Spring day. It’s breezy and feels great out. Today I’m wearing a Free People blouse that I bought in a large so I could wear as a dress. I tend to wear loose fitting clothes because it’s more comfortable and I could mix it up easier. I love the detail and colors of this top. It’s fun and spunky 🙂

I paired it with sailor inspired heels by Jessica Simpson that I purchased awhile back from Macy’s.

My makeup was kept simple; I used my favorite Chanel pencil eyeliner and Mac Cremecup lipstick.


Top:Free People
Shoes:Jessica Simpson
Eyeliner:Le Crayon Khôl by Chanel
Lipstick:Crème Cup by MAC

I have a weird sense of style, but thanks for reading anyways. Off to the airport I go. Have a nice day ❤

Christmas isn’t over yet!

I had an early morning flight. I was so exhausted from the night before because I was up doing a little bit of work. I didn’t really mind, since I got to spend the entire day with my family. I knew it was a bad idea to get my usual, quad espresso over ice no sugar. I’m addicted to coffee, sigh. I was wide awake on the plane ride, but I’m glad I was able to stare out the window. It was such a beautiful morning.




When I finally landed, I was eager to walk to my car. Only because I parked it on the very top floor of the airport’s parking garage and it had snowed in Dallas the other day. Yeah, it snowed! While Houston was bright and sunny. I walked in a sludge of snow and messed up my purple Toms, blah.




Anyways, I was driving on the highway and saw a Macy’s on this side of town. I remembered I wanted to get Tammy a toaster oven. The other night when I went over to her place, she cooked a teeny tiny Red Baron pizza in her big kitchen oven. I noticed that she didn’t have a toaster oven on her counter. After that I was starving. I was hoping I’d spot a Sweet Tomatoes or Souper Salad. I felt like God decided to shine a light on the Golden Corral down the road. I stopped in to devour their salad bar. The restaurant was filled with kids running around, grumpy senior citizens, and oversized Americans stuffing their faces with comfort food. I was about to walk back out but I was greeted by a friendly waiter and decided to stay and give it a chance. Besides, who could turn down a $6 buffet? I noticed how hectic and loud the restaurant was. I also noticed how patient and caring the waiter was. He always had a smile on his face. I was a little upset that I only had a ten dollar bill. Tis’ the season, I wish I was able to leave more. He seemed so appreciative, as he flagged me down to thank me when I was walking to my car.

Of course I wouldn’t let my day go to waste. I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. The cashier gave me my total and I handed her the gift card that Anita and Kevin gave to me. Thank you so much guys, you really shouldn’t have. I teared up in the middle of the store, but its okay we’re all hippies anyways haha! Then, I stopped by World Market to see if I can find any goodies. I have a blank wall in my new home and I think it’s the perfect canvas for me. I live up to the hippie name (I got it from my Dad). I can’t wait to be able to fill the wall up some more. I got this done in about an hour. Before and after:


I visited Tammy at work and tried to surprise her with the toaster oven I shopped for earlier. I love this little lady.


I ran into some friends and family last night. I invited them over after our night out. I watched them get crazy and they watched me run, slip, and fall in the middle of my building hallway. My side still hurts…really, really bad. Haha! Oh and I’m pretty happy about the marker board and chalkboard I put on my walls. I can’t wait to see what creative drawings and writings everyone will do.










So here is some really random good news. As I was writing this blog, I got an email from the electric company. I am in so much shock. I went from paying well over $100 to $200 at my old place … And now less than $30? I am so thankful I decided to move. I still can’t believe it.

I saved the best for last. I got the best news when I woke up this morning! Baby Ethan is finally here <;;3<;;3 My sister gave birth to a healthy 9lbs 12oz baby boy! I'm an auntie Yays! What a big baby we have now, haha. He's going to grow bigger than me. Good, he can be our future body guard.

Things have been going so well for me lately. Stay humble and keep your faith strong. Cheers to a happier and healthier lifestyle <;;3